Tomorrow’s Hopeful Menu

Breakfast: Berry Mylk (Cashew mylk with Strawberries, blackberries, and ice)

Snack: Jalapeno corn chips and salsa

Lunch: Big BIG BIG salad- probably a kale salad.

Snack: Fruit salad

Dinner: Probably 15 bean soup… and this carrot salad.

I really need to like avocados… I really do.  But I just don’t.  There’s not much flavor and the texture bugs me.  How can I like them better?  I was thinking about building a little mini-sandwich.  Mush up a little avo, top with lime juice, salt and pepper and then put a big tomato slice over it.  I think the flavor of the avo will probably be masked.

Any other tips for getting to like avocados?


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One response to “Tomorrow’s Hopeful Menu

  1. Alisson

    Hi, I thought I would drop a line with the suggestion that you use haas avocados over the florida variety. I do believe the haas have a better flavor while the florida ones have zero, even a gross flavor to me. I also like to mix avocado with a splash of ume plum vinegar and sometimes top an avocado sandwich with saurkraut.
    And since you like kale salads, you could always massage the kale with avocado among other things.
    Guten Appetit!

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