Banana Mook

Right now, I’m in LOVE with the most delicious breakfast drink I’ve had in a long time.  So often, everything buy the kitchen sink goes into a smoothie.  Its so nice to stick with something simple.

I made Raw Model Anthony’s Vanilla Macadamia Mylk yesterday out of the first batch of raw macadamias I’ve ever been able to find in the store.  I blend up some with two bananas and some ice and it produces the most incredible banana shake that is totally filling and delicious!  I’ve been making it with all kinds of nut mylk though and I can’t taste much of a difference.

This particular shake is so filling because its made with macadamias and coconut butter (both incredible heart healthy fats) and bananas which are filling in and of themselves.  Its a great energy booster and a perfect breakfast.

The very best part about it is that my kids absolutely LOVE it.  My youngest is basically a raw foodist.  She loves anything and everything raw.  My oldest, however, is very reluctant to try anything… but he loves mommy’s “banana mook”!


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  1. I’ve had that macmylk and oh man. It is good! Your drink sounds great!


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